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Birth of Naardic Video Conferencing System

Naardic is online fitness training platform

Cheers people, this is Vaibhav from Agilis AS, I am currently heading the team of developers focused on making a custom video conferencing system for our product Naardic, which is an realtime interactive fitness platform, this blog is about a few challenges faced while building our custom video conference.

What we needed ?

Before we started building our own platform we were dependent on 3rd party tools for our interactive classes like zoom. So the benchmark was clear to us, it had to be stable as third party platform like zoom. Most importantly trainers were used to seeing 30+ people in the single screen, which was another major challenge.

Another challenge, testing ?

Once we knew what we wanna build it was time to build the idea & test it. It was clear from the start, it was a challenge we had to coordinate testing video call by inviting no. of participants testing, that being said it wasn't feasible at all to invite 60+ no. of participants to test we had to resort to some automation for testing.

More Testing ....

It's easier said than done, what we desired to & what we do never aligns

There were multiple CPASS vendors we tested in order to find the right fit of us with the right bandwidth & the right amount of people to accommodate on a single screen, although this looks like the only thing we needed to access, but the testing included a lot of other quality metrics and how to evaluate it, most of them would be covered in the next blog .

The next blog would define what & how you can measure call quality.

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