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Agilis - Elkjop


About Customer

     Elkjøp Nordic AS, headquartered in Nydalen, Oslo, is a Norwegian company under the ownership of Dixon Stores Group Retail Norway AS, which, in turn, is owned by DSG International.

Our Deliverables

     Agilis has successfully executed multiple projects for Elkjøp Nordic in recent years, encompassing the following initiatives :

  • Office 365

  • Facebook @work

  • Greenfield project

​     A noteworthy aspect shared by all these projects is the utilization of the Microsoft platform. By leveraging the robust capabilities and ecosystem of Microsoft technologies, Agilis has provided Elkjøp Nordic with a cohesive and integrated environment across their operations. This strategic approach ensures seamless compatibility, enhanced efficiency, and effective utilization of resources, enabling Elkjøp Nordic to thrive in their industry.

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