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Agilis - S:Mart


About Customer

     S: Mart, a 24-hour unmanned mini-canteen that is placed in an office environment. The customer downloads a mobile app which is used to unlock the fridge/canteen and register the purchase of goods. S: Mart is growing rapidly and has customers such as PWC, Tesla, Aker Solutions, Schibsted, etc.

Our Deliverables

   Agilis has created the entire management and logistics system for S: Mart and also the mobile app.
In the administration system, we developed logistics, inventory management, PIM (Product information management), user access, business intelligence, and IoT.
In the mobile app, we give the Discount structure and payment process with the help of 3rd parties like Vipps and Stripe.

For developing this we used the following tech stack

  • Ruby on Rails (back end)

  • React Native (app)

  • Amazon web services (cloud storage and IOT)

  • 3rd party integrations such as Vipps, Stripe, and more

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