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Agilis - Naardic Training

Naardic Training

About Customer


     Naardic, Norway's premier online gym! Their mission is to bring the ultimate video-assisted home training system to people all over the world, guided by their top-notch trainers.


     At Naardic, they offer live and interactive training sessions where their trainers can see each participant in the class and provide individual motivation. Their platform combines the benefits of personal training with the dynamic atmosphere of live group classes, all delivered conveniently online.

Our Deliverables

     A central aspect of Naardic is exclusive video conferencing system, specially developed in-house by Agilis. Agilis is the tech partner and largest owner in Naardic with a 45% stake. Leveraging cutting-edge WebRTC technology, along with a combination of front-end, back-end, and media server technologies, and strategic 3rd party integrations, our system ensures seamless interactions. For an enhanced experience, we use state-of-the-art computer vision technology to offer personalised feedback and track exercise repetitions for all participants.

     The revolutionary features that set Naardic apart are an avatar feature in video conferencing, video recording capabilities, a rich video library, private classes, invigorating workout parties, on-demand video content, and the option to rerun previous classes.

     Our core technologies encompass a robust stack, including Ruby on Rails, AWS, React, Tensorflow, Python, Keras, Selenium, HTML, CSS, and JQuery. This enables them to provide a smooth and reliable platform for all their users.

     To ensure an exceptional user experience, Naardic focuses on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for their members. Their trainers and admins also benefit from an effective interface tailored to their needs. We take pride in seamless integration with various third-party software, including Stripe, Vipps, Helt hjem, posten, Intercom, and Vimeo.

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