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Agilis - Hjemmelegene


About Customer 

     This is a simpler and closer medical service, their goal is to facilitate better meetings between doctor and patient. That is why they build a new service for home visits.

    Full consultation with an experienced doctor, wherever you are and whenever you want. They have the same price regardless of where you live, the time of day, or how old you are. Emergency medications, prescriptions, and samples are included.

    The GPs consist of an interdisciplinary core team with broad experience in public and private healthcare, as well as business, in addition to more than 20 doctors. Together, they want to reintroduce the home visit with new and modern technology.

    In the safe confines of the home, patients and doctors have very good conditions for medical consultation. The patient avoids waiting rooms and travel, and the doctor understands the picture of the disease in the patient's own immediate environment and can tailor the treatment. This benefits both parties.

Our Deliverables

       We built video conferencing system using WebRTC & a signalling server, a system that meets needs specific to our client to give a high quality video conference experience for their users . 

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